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Warriors don't need to kill to win a battle. by Christakitty89
Warriors don't need to kill to win a battle.
I hope you like this takes place in Bluestars Prophecy when Thistleclaw, Tigerpaw and Bluefur encounter a young kittypet named tiny.
Plot Thistleclaw is urging his apprentice to teach the young kit a lesson on what happens to kittypets who invade thunderclan territory.Bluefur however is objecting to the violence there is no need for it just hiss at it and it will leave. Tigerpaw is eager and crouches in the position ready to pounce on the young like its a piece of prey. I feel really bad for tiny in this scene he did not deserve this. Thistleclaw should have done what bluefur said and walked back to Thunderclan with no means of harming tiny. This could have easily been prevented.
I hope you like Comment Nicely Favorite and ENJOY :3
Art is mine made on MS Paint.
Cats are Thistleclaw, Tigerpaw, Bluefur and Tiny.
BrightPaw and SwiftPaw (Not gonna die tonight). by Christakitty89
BrightPaw and SwiftPaw (Not gonna die tonight).
I hope you like :D
Plot This takes place in A Dangerous path when brightpaw and swiftpaw went to search for the cause of all the trouble in Thunderclan but are confronted by a pack of vicious dogs who are hungry for blood while repeating Pack Pack Kill Kill. Brightpaw is terrified and swiftpaw tries to fight with all his strength assuring brightpaw they will fight like true warriors.Swiftpaw sees brightpaw get scratched by the dogs and he tries to protect her by blocking brightpaw from the dogs telling them ''touch her one more time and i will shred your ears". this is before he is killed by the dogs.
Cats are Brightpaw and Swiftpaw
Art is mine done on MS paint.
COMMENT NICELY FAVORITE ENJOY and please be nice I really worked hard on this :3
Hello Everyone
I need your help I'vebeen on YouTube for Five years now and I am having trouble getting enough viewed on my videos I work really hard on them and it hurts to see I only have about 20 to 30 views on my new videos please help me out and visit my channel it would really help me grow as an animator I know I am not the best animator but I do work hard. Please take the time to check out my animations alot of you guys enjoy my art so please check the videos my art comes from for instance I have just uploaded a crowfeather and leafpool PMV my channel is mainly for Warriors and that's about it so if you enjoy my art please visit my channel I don't have an indirect link but just visit videos by Christakitty89 thanks so much please leave a like Comment and Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE.

HELP Me Reach 100 Subscribers I will be more active here and on YouTube as well Thanks and enjoy my videos. My channel link is please subscribe.
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You'll be a great Medacine cat to Someday Leafpool by Christakitty89
You'll be a great Medacine cat to Someday Leafpool
I hope you like this is another picture for Raining Rose
Cinderpelt is teaching her apprentice leafpool about herbs and telling her when she doubts herself that starclan has given a sign to her to be a great medacine cat.
I do not own the characters just the ART. :D
A Medacine cats work is never done by Christakitty89
A Medacine cats work is never done
I Hope you like this is Greystripe being taken care of by leafpool  as you can see he is hurting from wounds from a recent battle so leafpool is putting cobwebs on him warning him this will sting alittle cinderpelt is watching her apprentice proudly work on her first patient. I hope it okay LIKE FAVORITE COMMENT Nicely and ENJOY.
Cats are Cinderpelt Leafpool and Greystripe.
Art is made on MS Paint ENJOY:3


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United States
I am a huge warrior cats fan you can tell LOL

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